We’re Back and Kicking off 2017 - New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination
New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination
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We’re Back and Kicking off 2017

Thanks you guys for your patience while we took our short winter break! We're all rested and ready to kick off 2017! Hope you all had a fantastic holiday season! We sure missed you guys!

We've had a couple major projects we've been working on while we were closed and still a couple more in the works. One major item we wanted to accomplish was to upgrade our catering vehicle, so we could handle large orders. We found a great used van that will help us do just that.

Now to get it wrapped and become our New Market BBQ Mobile (pronounced Mobeel!) LOL!! Stay tuned to our Super Fans Group on Facebook to help us with the wrap we're planning!​

Next on the agenda was to finalize our New Market BBQ Rub Labels - incorporating our NEW BRANDING - and get those ordered and in stock, so we could start selling our Rub again on the porch or shipping it to our online customers. Those finally came in last week, and now we have rub available for purchase again.

We've added the option of buying in 1 lb bulk refill bags as well - which will enable you to use the other bottles you've purchased from us in the past or possibly use other shakers you already have on hand. Up to you, but now you have options. If you haven't tried our rub yet, be sure to pick up a bottle next time you pay us a visit. It's awesome on just about anything, but especially items you grill! ​If you have a BBQ Fan in the family, our Rub makes a great gift idea!! We can ship it for you as well. Visit our SHOPPING CART for more details.

One other major item I'm working to complete is a new paper copy of our menu. You guys have been asking for it for quite some time and I'm working on it. We have chosen to go with an online menu over the course of the past several years, but I understand the need to have a paper copy. We'll get that done in next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Oh and be sure to pickup some new business cards when you next visit us and share them with your friends! It's the best way to get new people to try us out from your personal referral! Kelly and I couldn't agree on the content for our business cards, so we had two different kinds made! Pick the one that most speaks to you and share share share! 🙂

And if you haven't entered our cake giveaway lately, what are you waiting on!! We have our Strawberry Cake on the menu this weekend!! It's such a beautiful weekend, even though it's cold, we still want to bring you the desserts you LOVE the most! Enter below to win!

Well, that about rounds out several of the projects we've been working on but stay tuned, cause there's more to come!! I'll share in another post about our new smoker that we purchased and what our plans are to use it! Exciting year ahead and we are grateful for your support!! 

Thanks y'al! Libby​

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Owner / Operator of New Market BBQ since 2008