Pinto Beans - New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination

Pinto Beans

$7.95$30.00 Excluding Tax

It all starts with quality dry PINTO BEANS and then we cook them for hours with a Hickory Smoked Skin from a shoulder we cooked, our New Market BBQ Dry Rub, and salt. Add in some of our Buttermilk Cornbread Muffins when ordering for a delicious treat.



You guys have the best Bar-B-Q, homemade pies and cakes! I also love the pintos and cornbread. To be totally honest everything I've had has been excellent. You guys are awesome!

Brenda Driskell
Raving Fan

The addition of our Pork Shoulder Skin gives our PINTO BEANS an awesome SMOKEY Flavor. Give them a try on your next visit or add them to your order today. Your whole family will enjoy them!

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