Turkey Breast - Smoked Whole Turkey Breast - by New Market BBQ

Smoked Turkey Breast – Whole

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$36.00 Excluding Tax

Whole Smoked Turkey Breast are seasoned with New Market BBQ Signature Dry Rub & Smoked using Pecan and Cherry woods to impart a sweet smooth southern flavor you’ll LOVE!


Whole Smoked Turkey Breast from New Market BBQ is seasoned with our Signature Dry Rub. We then Smoke the Breast using a combination of Pecan and Cherry woods, which imparts that sweet smooth southern flavor you LOVE!  

Lastly, we flash chill our Turkey Breast fresh out of the Pit then wrap to maintain their moisture. Most importantly, it will be absolutely delicious when you reheat it!

Pre-Cook weight approximately 7-8 lbs.

Yield of about 3-4 lbs of meat to serve approximately 9-16 people.

Reheat Instructions can be found here.

14 reviews for Smoked Turkey Breast – Whole

  1. Allison Hunter

    We ordered 2 smoked turkeys for our church dinner. They were delicious. The meat was tender and moist and had a great flavor!! Will definitely be going back and would recommend them to everyone!!

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    • Libby Webb (store manager)

      Thank you Allison!

  2. Beth Quick (verified owner)

    Tender, moist and so flavorful!

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    • Libby Webb (store manager)

      Thank you Beth!

  3. Denise DeMonia (verified owner)

    My go to place each year for smoked turkey! Not to mention eating the great food throughout the year ☺️

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    • Libby Webb (store manager)

      Thank you Denise. We appreciate your support!

  4. John R G. (verified owner)

    Turkey and breast very moist and delicious. Have used New Market BBQ several years for our holiday turkey and have always been pleased

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  5. Denise DeMonia (verified owner)

    My go to turkey every year and it’s fabulous!!!

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  6. Melody Corbin (verified owner)

    Smoked turkey breast was so moist and tender.

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  7. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfectly cooked and delicious!

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  8. Zuhal Stiles (verified owner)

    So juicy and delicious…

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  9. Denise DeMonia (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered turkey for over 3 years. It’s awesome!!!

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  10. John (verified owner)

    Great!! Will order again!

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  11. Sharon G. (verified owner)

    Delicious. Best smoked turkey ever

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  12. Delynn Huskey (verified owner)

    Great flavor! Excellent turkey!

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  13. Jeff C. (verified owner)

    Absolutely great

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  14. Sharon W. (verified owner)

    Delicious ?. It had a Great flavor and was not Dry at all. I took my Dad a plate and he called me just to tell me about the how moist the Turkey was. Thank you ?

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