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Chocolate Pie

$13.95 Excluding Tax

Another customer favorite here at New Market BBQ is our deliciously balanced sweet and rich Chocolate Pudding Pie! Again, hard to beat anything made from scratch but it takes the right balance of sweet along with a quality Cocoa to make an amazing Pie all of your friends and family are sure to enjoy! It's of course topped with a delicious Meringue that will hold up very  nicely in your fridge for several days, that is if it lasts that long! LOL!


This is my NEW favorite place for BBQ in North Alabama! The Brisket was outstanding, and I was told "New and Improved". I never had the last version, but this was wonderful. The turkey was as good as I've ever had anywhere! That us saying something, because I have eaten BBQ EVERYWHERE in the country. Good people, and well with the relaxing drive. Can't beat the prices, or the dessert menu! The Peach Cake is awesome! The Chocolate Pie was perfect. So, go see these good folks! ~ Originated from Facebook 

Stephen Smyly
Happy Customer

A Whole DELICIOUS made from scratch Chocolate Pie serves approximately 8-10.