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Baked Beans

$7.95$30.00 Excluding Tax

Our YUMMY BBQ Beans include our New Market BBQ Hickory & Pecan Smoked Beef Brisket and our Hickory Pit Smoked Pulled Pork, along with a variety of seasonings and BBQ Sauce and a healthy dose of Brown Sugar and our New Market BBQ Dry Rub..oh I can't forget the sauted onions..they are just delicious .. THEN we Pit Smoke them for 3 hours. You just can't beat em! That's what we're told anyway..



This place is as good as it gets!  Great, family-owned business, supporting other local businesses and families while serving the best BBQ on the planet.  My absolute favorite is their BBQ beans, with a good side of carrot cake, of course.

Wayve Dennison of Dennison Farms
Raving Fan

Our Baked Beans were  overhauled in 2011!! We've kicked them up a notch and cook them in our PIT, so they have a WONDERFUL flavor we hope you enjoy!