Joys of owning and operating a local small business & Beef Sausage is back! - New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination
New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination
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Joys of owning and operating a local small business & Beef Sausage is back!

Hey y'all! Libby here!  Wanted to take a few minutes to BRAG on another local business in our area who came to our rescue today.

When you purchase an existing establishment like we did back in 2008, sometimes you run into issues that you just have to deal with over the course of time. We've really had a lot of fun personalizing our Mom & Pop BBQ Joint here at New Market BBQ, but we've also invested a LOT in bringing the mechanicals and such up to snuff. One of these days, the next owners of our establishment are really going to appreciate all that we've taken care of for them. Our place is literally a turnkey operation. Buy groceries and you are ready to go to work! LOL!

That is all possible because along the way over the past 6 years, we've done our absolute best to take of any issues as they arise and not let them fester and turn into something worse. Case in point, today, a breaker kept popping in the Pit Room, which affected all of our lights, our convection gas range, fan over the range (gets REALLY HOT in our pit room in case you haven't noticed), and the plugs to the outlets that power our warming cabinet.

Thank GOODNESS we have a great local electrician who came right over to help diagnose and more importantly RESOLVE this issue. We've never had this happen but after switching out the breaker and it tripping again, we called for help!  That phone call went out to Phillip Stephens of Stephens Electric. Even though he is off on the weekends, he graciously came right over and installed two new plugs for us on separate circuits, along with two new breakers so hopefully we won't run into this issue ANYMORE!

2014-06-07 12.06.44

Having great local service personnel in the area of New Market is truly a blessing and we gladly keep our business local when at all possible.  Now, I have one other shout out too, cause if it weren't for Denita & Kent up at B&B Autoparts, we wouldn't have been able to swap out that breaker either. Great to live in such a small town and still have access to the things we need for the most part right here in our community!

LOVE small town america! How about you?

If you are hungry for some awesome Beef Sausage or Carrot Cake, which are our two specials this weekend, come on our and pay us a visit. We're Open Fri & Sat 11 – 7 and Sun 11-4. Call ins are always welcome and we look forward to serving your family real soon!

2014-02-09 13.15.38

2014-06-06 09.51.28


Thanks Y'all!  ~ Libby Webb

PS, Share in the comments section below who your trusted local service people are. Lets share the LOVE!

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