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Give the Gift of New Market BBQ!!

It's that time of year when we all start to struggle with what to buy for that special someone on our list!  I know to some, buying gift cards or gift certificates is the “easy” way out, but did you know that many people REALLY appreciate receiving them?  I know me personally, when we receive Gift Cards to places we maybe don't often frequent, it gives us an opportunity to get out and explore the area and try new things.  So if you have someone like this on your list this holiday season, why not give the GIFT of a New Market BBQ Gift Certificate!! We love to meet new faces!

What's even MORE fun is when a distant relative of someone who lives here in our area, reaches out to us to purchase a Gift Certificate for their family member or friend because they hear about New Market BBQ all the time on Facebook! Isn't that just a HOOT!

Give the Gift of New Market BBQ

We are truly blessed with the BEST customers a business owner could ask for!! Because you tell friends and family about your experience with us, they have those light bulb  moments for themselves and say “THANK YOU for just giving me an idea of what to get you for Christmas!!” LOVE IT!!  If you have someone asking you what they should buy you, just share this post with them to make it easy!! LOL!!  Why not right!! Have some fun!!

We appreciate you guys and hope you are enjoying this special time of the year in preparation for our Savior's birth.  The hustle and bustle of present buying can sometimes overshadow the true meaning of the season.  I pray you take the time to fully appreciate these special moments with your children and family.  Many blessings to you all!  We look forward to serving you real soon!  Our Winter Break will be starting soon, so don't miss out on stocking up before we shut down for our 4 week break.  Christmas Eve will be our last day till end of January.

If you'd like to order Gift Certificate for someone this Holiday Season, click on the Gift Certificate above select the amount from the drop down menu,  and proceed to check out.  We'll be happy to get it into the  mail for you ASAP!

Merry Christmas!!

Kelly & Libby Webb, Owner / Operators of New Market BBQ

Christmas is a time for family and Joy!

About the Author Libby Webb

Owner / Operator of New Market BBQ since 2008

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New Market BBQ says December 14, 2013

So who all is asking for New Market BBQ for Christmas? Just checking…LOL!!

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