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New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination
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Foursquare, Loyalty Program, and Checking-In!

Hey y'all, Libby here!

NMBBQ FourSquare Checkin

As the owners of our cute little local BBQ Joint, New Market BBQ, one of the most fun things we've accomplished in the past near 6 years is building up a following online using the various social networks. I haven't spent too much time on Foursquare itself, so I thought I'd explore this a little more. I've wanted to implement a Loyalty program for our fans who eat with us on a regular basis and have been on the hunt for a great solution. I found that within Foursquare, it has a Loyalty program built right in for FREE, so I thought I'd explore using this first to see if our customers and fans would use it.

I thought I'd pose a few questions here on our blog and see if you guys will help me out:

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We'd be grateful if you'd give Foursquare a try. You can follow us, as well as save our location to your To Do List for your next visit. Click buttons below to connect with us:

Follow us on Foursquare


Save to Foursquare

Here are a few advantages to checking in for you as the consumer:

  1. We offer specials and for you to see those specials, you'll need to check-in to “unlock” them.
  2. We are now offering loyalty rewards for our most frequent customers that check-in with us on Foursquare.
  3. By checking in while you are here, and selecting to share your check-ins on Facebook & Twitter, you have the potential to meet up with friends and family who may also be visiting or planning to visit.
  4. It's a great way to share about your favorite local business' that you frequent.

Here are some advantages for us a local business if you as a consumer check-in upon each visit:

  1. As a supporter of our local business, when you check-in and share on other social networks, this raises awareness to our location for those who maybe have not eaten with us before.
  2. As you check-in, and more people find out about us, the additional buzz this creates online helps to fuel our growth as a small business in the community.
  3. As we grow our small business, we are able to add more staff and help our local economy.
  4. As we grow our local economy here in downtown New Market, this raises the awareness of our quaint cute little town in the surrounding area and possibly increases the desire for more people to move into the area.
  5. As we increase our population in the area, this should increase the demand for additional services and business' in the area, including more demand and need for New Market BBQ to be open more than just Fri-Sun.
  6. And as you can see, this just starts us back over again to number 1 and on and on…

The idea of helping to grow our local population of residents and business' is very exciting! Would you like to help us to do that?  Consider checking in on Foursquare, Facebook, etc upon your next visit to a New Market Business and lets see how much buzz and exposure we can create for the local business' here in the New Market area.

Would love to hear your your feedback and thoughts on this blog post. Please post your comments below.

Thanks so much!


About the Author Libby Webb

Owner / Operator of New Market BBQ since 2008