Facebook investing $750 Million for Data Center in Madison County AL!
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Welcome to Madison County Alabama Facebook!

Facebook investing $750 Million for Data Center in Madison County AL!

Welcome to North Alabama Facebook! 

Building a Data Center in Madison County Alabama will lead to lots of new jobs and opportunities for many!

New Market BBQ welcomes Facebook is PROUD to be your neighbor in Madison County Alabama!

Welcome to Madison County Alabama Facebook!

Facebook and the local leaders of Huntsville / Madison County have made a major announcement today, they are investing $750 Million to build their newest data center in North Madison County. We are grateful for the efforts our local leaders and community members have made to make this possible as well. 

As local business owners in Madison County, we couldn't be more excited for our community! When new business' make such an investment in a community, it leads to growth and prosperity for many.  For us locally, the use of Facebook has continued to help us grow our following, awareness to those that are new to our community, and to spread the word to others who are visiting. 

The investment Facebook is making into our community will be a major impact for YEARs to come!! Thank you for choosing Huntsville / Madison County for your new data center.  As many have said, we don't think you'll be disappointed in the quality of people that will come to work with you and all the local business' that will be working with you also. It's just how we roll in Alabama!

Want to keep this short and sweet, but we wanted to reach out and say WELCOME from a small mom and pop who has invested in Facebook for years! We cant' wait to see what your investment will bring  to our community!

We look forward to meeting you all one day real soon! Please don't hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to assist you along this journey! Again, WELCOME to North Alabama! 

Libby & Kelly Webb, Owner / Operators of New Market BBQ since 2008

For more details see Facebook's Huntsville Data Center Fanpage story below:

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Owner / Operator of New Market BBQ since 2008