Excited to share our WHNT News Channel 19 Interview with Carrie Marchese - New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination
New Market BBQ North AL's BEST Weekend BBQ Destination
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Excited to share our WHNT News Channel 19 Interview with Carrie Marchese

It's not everyday you see one of the local news trucks rolling in to your parking lot!! As small business owners, we were super excited when Carrie Marchese of WHNT News Channel 19 reached out to us via our Facebook Page to ask if we'd be interested in talking about how we've maintained such a great Health Department Rating through the years. And you know we said OF COURSE, come on out and lets chat! 

You just never know really what will be gleaned / pulled from your conversation cause we chatted for a good while, but we are pretty proud of how it all turned out. Bottom line, we pulled the curtains back and showed Carrie our Kitchen, Pit Room, Cooler, and anything else she wanted to see. We really pride ourselves on keeping our place clean from the front to the back!! It's the ONLY way to run a restaurant really. It can be very daunting at times, especially during our big deep cleans when the ceiling and walls and everything in between gets scrubbed, but it's REQUIRED and a MUST in the restaurant BIZ.

If you've never eaten with us before, you may not realize that our customers actually enter into our cooking zone when needing to use the restroom - which is located in our BBQ Pit Room - so you have an opportunity at any time to SEE just how clean we keep our place - so be sure next time you are in to ask for a tour of our Pit Room, or if you need to use the restroom, just help yourself! LOL!

You can also take a virtual tour of our place on Google. I'll share that with you at the end, but for now, check out our interview with Carrie, and do us a huge favor and share this post with your friends. We'd be ever so grateful. It's how we've continued to grow our small mom and pop biz out here in NE Madison County. ​

Check out our Virtual Tour below - just click forward or back on the photo - you can even look up / down / all around - take a walk right into our Pit Room - be sure to walk right up to the FIRE BOX and then turn back to your left to see our Shoulders cooking on the pit. YUM! Have fun!! Leave us a comment below on this blog post and let us know what your favorite things are to enjoy here at New Market BBQ! We'd LOVE to know how long you've been eating here with us!! We're celebrating 20 years this year, of which we've owned it for nearly 8. Thanks y'all!

We are grateful for your LOVE and SUPPORT! 

Libby & Kelly Webb
Owner / Operators since 2008

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Owner / Operator of New Market BBQ since 2008