Open July 4th Weekend then off for summer break

2014-07-03 15.29.15

Quick update for everyone just to confirm for you that we are open this weekend Friday and Saturday 11-7 Sunday 11-4 or until we sell out each day. It's that time of the year when we look forward to getting some downtime and relaxation with our family. In the food business, […] Read more »

Let New Market BBQ be your Pitmaster this July 4th

Let New Market BBQ be your Pitmaster this July 4th

It's that time of the year again y'all! We're really looking forward to serving your friends and family some GREAT Q this weekend! Whether we are helping you out with the cooking or not, we'd sure LOVE to meet your out of town guests. Bring them by for lunch or […] Read more »

4th of July is just around the corner and Butterfinger Cake is BACK! Oh, and PBR FREE TICKETS!


Let’s talk CAKE first of all, since that’s what really gets your mouth watering right?  We have one of your absolute favorites on the menu this weekend, Butterfinger Cake! Sure appreciated everyone’s feedback when I requested your input for this week’s special! Really looking forward to some recipes coming to […] Read more »